Technology Developed By
"Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.(B.A.R.C)"

Water Purifier

Technology Developed By
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.(B.A.R.C)

Water Purifier Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Oorja Solutions in Thane  


Salient Features :-

1. Ultra filtration membrane cartridges of 0.01 microns manufactured using patented technology of BARC Mumbai. [ Indian Patent No. 195961 ]

2. Membrane life of approx 3-5 years ( through our warranty stands for one year )

3. Activated carbon to remove foul odour from water

4. Activated alumina to remove arsenic and Fluoride.

5. Removes not just the bacteria but viruses also

6. Removes complete turbidity to produce Crystal clear water.

7. Doesn't need electricity.

8. Acts as a dead - end device hence not even a single drop of water is wasted.

9. Is almost maintenance free except occasional cleaning of superfine solids deposited on the surface. This doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

Video of Dolphin UF Water Purifier Installation and Service


Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC)


Water Purifier Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Oorja Solutions in Thane


1. What is DOLPHIN UF ?

DOLPHIN UF is a Unique, HI-tech but very user-friendly domestic water purifier. It is an affordable alternative to purify water. Which removes bacteria, virus and complete turbidity to produce crystal clear water.


2. On what principal does it work?

DOLPHIN UF is an ultra filtration water purifier. It’s a technology is developed by country’s most trusted research institute BARC (Bhabha atomic research center). 100% bacteria retention is certified by leading lab, like HAFFKINE ( Mumbai ) and others.


3. How does it work?

It has three-stage filtration.
Stage-1: Activated Carbon to remove odour and colour.
Stage-2: Activated Alumina to remove Fluorides, Arsenic & heavy metals
Stage-3: Ultra filtration with polysulfon 0.01 micron membrane which removes all Suspended solids, bacteria and viruses.


4. Does it require electricity?

No. Dolphin UF works without electricity. It is a 0.01-micron ultra filtration, and it only requires water with pressure between 1kg and 2kg. (Water head should be minimum 8 feet above water purifier).


5. Is it a very complicated system?

In fact it is a most simple water purifier you have ever used. It comes with a storage camper and when the water level is reduced it is filled automatically.


6. Why is it better than UV system?

UV is ultra violet light which covers a specific wavelength of light spectrum, and it is about 85-87% effective at its absolute best level of performance when new, with a steady and measurable decline over the time. It never kills bacteria but just inactivate them. Effectiveness depends on parameters like lamp capacity, rate of flow, wave length etc. it is electricity dependent and expensive. It needs costly maintenance contracts.


7. What is the difference between RO system and Dolphin UF?

RO removes even the finest radicals / ions making water dead. The minerals in the water, which are useful, are filtered out unlike Dolphin UF. Very high initial capital cost. It has high capacity pump leading to high running cost. 60-70% input water is wasted. Frequent replacement requirement of expensive cartridges. High AMC charged by the supplier.


8. What is the life of Dolphin UF?

Life of membrane is approx 3-5 years. It only requires occasional surface cleaning with wet, soft cloth. Membrane can be replaced at home very easily; it makes Dolphin UF maintenance free water purifier.


9. Does it purify salty water?

No it does not purify salty water.


10. Where it can be used?

It can be used at every place where there is a requirement of pure water. It can be used at homes, schools, offices etc.

Applications :-




Procedure for Cleaning & Precautions during use

1. After closing the main water supply, open the 2 bowls on the main unit keeping inside rubber 0 rings in place with care

2. Just use running tap water and wipe the surface of the membrane softly using a foam / cloth. This will remove superfine solids deposited on the membrane which you would have been otherwise drinking. Ensure that

a) No sharp object like rings in the fingers etc. touch the soft surface of membranes.
b) The membrane is not pressed too hard

3. While putting the bowl cover back, ensure that the O ring is placed in the groove provided on top inside of bowl bottom.

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